What Are The Benefits of Homeownership Over Time?

What happens when you make that mortgage payment month after month, year after year?

When it’s time to sell or otherwise close out your loan, you’ll likely find your home has quietly worked for you all along, providing far more than just shelter. Break it all down, and the benefits may look like those illustrated in the chart, which are based on typical costs, appreciation and tax deductions.

Clearly, getting paid to own wins over paying to rent.

If you’re ready to get started or would simply like to find out what might be available for you, please give us a call. We’re ready to get you on your way to realizing all the benefits that owning real estate can provide.

Which Rates Are Real?



That’s a regular occurrence for mortgage professionals. The media commonly report interest rates based on the prior week’s Freddie Mac average. Meanwhile, the loan officer receives up-to-the-minute information. The two often conflict.

Financial markets are fickle and prone to sudden reversals. While the previous week’s average can be indicative of a longer trend, it’s rarely an accurate reflection of the present.

A proper consultation with a mortgage professional will provide you solid information and a quote that reflects both the current rate and the specifics of your situation. I’m happy to assist you in learning what is really available right now and determining a strategy to take advantage of it.

We Erase “IM’s!!



Have you been told getting a home loan is impossible? Have you waited out the market while saving for a down payment, only now to see rates and values rising faster than you can save?

Challenges can always exist, yet we’ve erased quite a few “IMs” in our day, and we’d be happy to attempt the same for you. In fact, you may be more ready than you think.

All it takes is a phone call and review to find out. Reach out and let’s see what might be possible for you today.

Is Now the Best Time to Buy?



It’s human nature to want to buy at the best price. Yet the optimal time is often a fleeting moment that can be identified only in hindsight.

In reality, we often are most consumed with purchasing at exactly the wrong time. Conversely, the best times to buy are typically at the points when no one seems interested. As soon as that mood changes, the advantage we could have enjoyed to strike a truly favorable deal is gone.

Of course, the perfect timing for buying a home depends on your specific situation, too.

If now is the right time for you, give me a call so we can discuss options to help you through the process.

Financial Leverage…


Even children on a seesaw know how the mechanical version of leverage works. The financial form is a little more complicated, yet still has the same principle at its core. Financial leverage can bring more than just a smile to your face. Used properly, it can help to build your wealth.

Not many people like to have a mortgage loan, but with the right information at hand, that mindset can change quickly. Having a loan simply means you’re using a little bit of your money and a whole lot of someone else’s.

Ever try to pull a nail from a piece of wood with your fingers? Pretty hard isn’t it? Ever try to buy a home with all cash? That’s pretty hard to pull off, too. When buying a home, think of the mortgage as you would using a hammer to help remove that nail. A loan is just a tool that lets you achieve ownership a lot faster and much more easily than you would without it.

But what about all that interest? Well, if you added up the total interest you pay over the life of the loan and compared it to the value of the house after the same 30 years, the interest paid can be much less than the gain in value.

Example: $100,000 loan at 5% = $93,255 total interest paid. If the home started at $125,000 and appreciated at 5% per year, the value would be $432,194 at the end of 30 years.

Let us know when you would like to start putting some leverage to work for you!

Making the Leap to Ownership

TOM Leap to Ownership

It’s Not as Daring as You Might Think.

For a while, many people were challenging the value of owning a home.

In the midst of the “financial crisis,” some used history instead of the headlines as a guide for purchase decisions. They have now been duly rewarded.

But not everyone was ready to take advantage of the opportunities when uncertainty was at its peak. Those who waited are likely to create increased demand for homes, and values are likely to continue moving higher.

Most recent home buyers have already seen the value of their properties rise and are safely locked in with rates that reached record lows.

If you’re thinking about your next move, rates are still low and affordability has rarely been better. This combination is tough to beat and will not last forever.

Let me know when you’re ready to jump, and I’ll be there to help you land safely on the other side.